Consulting services

Initial consultation - a preliminary assessment of a legal issue with dicectional information.

Extrajudicial representation - We examine the matter completely and represent you, e.g. by contacting those involved, requesting inspection of files in official matters, asserting or rejecting claims and/or mediate solutions.

Judicial Representation - we will represent you in all common types of litigation, in dunning proceedings, in interim legal protection (if something has to be fixed very quick), in lawsuits and in foreclosure.

Contracts - we examine and draw up contracts and, if necessary, support you with the notarial certification (e.g. in the case of marriage contracts or agreements on the consequences of divorce).

Mediation - we plan to expand our competencies to the field of mediation. Until then, we will be happy to put you in touch with competent specialists.

We stand on your side with the - registration - of trademarks, designs and the documentation of copyright protected contents.

Advice and legal aid - So that the right does not become a privilege. We will advise you on the possibilities and support you with the application. Further information and links on this topic can be found at the end of this website.

Areas of law

Copyright Law, Media Law, Internet Law, Trademark Law, Competition Law and Antitrust Law. In terms of copyright, we primarily represent artists, musicians, authors, actors and all other types of creative people. We issue warnings/take down letters and defend those affected by such.

In the area of copyright there is also the possibility of a free examination of individual problems (more information).

General Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law. We assert claims and investigate claims made against you, whether in contract, tort or any other legal relationship.

Family Law. We represent you in divorce or child custody matters, with questions about rights of access, maintenance payments and other family law matters as well as in dealings with the youth welfare office.

In all other areas of law, such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law or Immigration Law we will be happy to put you in touch with competent lawyers from our network if we cannot offer a solution ourselves.


Good advice does not always have to be expensive. The law offers various options for setting fees. Whether statutory remuneration under the Lawyers' Fees Act, an hourly fee or a contingency fee, we will explain the various options to you transparently on request and look for the right solution for you.

For authors, performing artists and other creative people, we always offer a free initial consultation. The same applies to victims of violent crime.

Not only the costs of the lawyer of your choice are important, we inform you about possible cost scenarios and risks, which can vary depending on the course and outcome of a legal dispute.