"The power is in the quality"
(F. W. Nietzsche)

The law firm

You are safe with us. Our team works goal-oriented. The client is the focus of our activities.

We are looking for quick and inexpensive solutions. Our correspondence languages are German, Spanish, Italian and English.

You can find more about our work and our philosophy here.

The lawyer*

The profile of the founder of the law firm, lawyer Ringo Krause, is complex. As a lawyer, he has many years of litigation experience, particularly in the area of copyright.

In addition, Mr. Krause works as a freelance artist in various areas. His commitment to art prompted him to set up an information portal for creative people.

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Mein Urheberrecht

The information portal on copyright at is aimed at artists and creative people of all kinds.

In addition to basic information and practical tips, the portal offers the opportunity to respond to individual problems in the "Questions and Answers" area, free of charge, of course.