Info-portal for creative people

Mein-Urheberrecht was launched to offer a platform, where cratives of all kind can get informations about legal basics, posibilities, backrounds and current developments of intelectual property.

Answers and questions

The info-portal offers in the category answers and questions the posibility to address individual problems till the limit possible within the realm of a free initial consultation. The answering to the incoming questions will follow only on the base of the transmitted informations. Informations, that will be passed latly, will not be considered. In any request should be taken care of a possibly most complete depiction. This service is available through the Info-portal and is aimed to crative people. The answers will be published at the portal and shall give creators a helpfull orientation in the field of intelectual property.


The Bibliothek (libary) contains all sorts of interesting tools, such as contract templates, scripts and further web links. There are also a number of collections of websites that offer free content for creative projects, such as images, music and videos, usually under Creative Commons licenses. The section is under construction and will be continuously expanded.