Legal problems affect allways facts of life and with that a concrete problem in a specific area. The jurist whit it doesn't only have the job to analyse the so called "legal situation", but he also has to notice the consequences of different possible solutions, independent of the (often enough dificult) question, who has the right on its side. A judgement is not helpful for the client, if the litigation results in the destuction of an important bussiness connection or if it has poisened the working atmosphere.

The thinging out of the legal box is one of the most important tool of the jurist, not only for lawyers, also for judges, oficials and prosecutors. All the more frightening is the reality, where many of them hide behind lawbooks and ordinances and because of that are not able to recognize suitable solutions.

Legal advice

The consulting services include all areas of clasic consulting, in particular extrajudicial representation, drafting of contracts and terms of service, litigation, foreclosure etc.

The main activity of our law firm lays in the areas of copyright law, media law und internet law. An other main activity is the family law. In immigration law we advise you in cooperation with specialized colleagues. correspondance languages are german, spanisch, italian and english.

Lawyer Ringo Krause is himself an artist and works in the field of web design. He can not only analyze and work on issues from these areas from a legal perspective, but also from a specialist point of view.

In the area of copyright there is also the possibility of a free examination of individual problems (more informations).

Conflict solution

A not inconsiderable part of conflicts and legal disputes is based on poor communication, and so an early and therefore inexpensive dispute settlement can be achieved by the lawyer providing a practical solution that sufficiently takes into account the interests of all parties involved. It is therefore our goal to offer our clients advice that encompasses all possible solutions and is tailored to the practical needs of the client. If necessary, we can also put you in touch with suitable bodies that can support you in the area of conflict resolution.

In the key areas of the law firm, copyright, media and internet law as well as family law, this claim is supported by extensive knowledge in the respective area.


Are you looking for support in monitoring your portfolio or would you like professional support in acquiring public or private funding? Or do you have an innovative idea and don't know how to bring it to market without risk? We'll help you with that.


"If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today's ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today."

Bill Gates (1991)